Our mission is to provide you with ease of accessibility within your home or place of business so that you no longer have to put up with the frustrations and obstacles that you may encounter both in your personal and professional activities.

To this end, we have made a wide range of products available to you, as a wheelchair user, that will allow you to move about safely and independently.

Residential access ramp - Go Rampe

Our products: A source of pride

Our access ramps and platforms are entirely made in Quebec and are composed of the highest quality aluminum. They are renowned for being resistant, durable, and robust; in fact, they have a load-bearing capacity of 850 pounds. In addition, all of our access ramps feature anti-slip flooring and, for further safety, their open-mesh design ensures that any water is drained immediately; thus, preventing any pooling of water or formation ice. Finally, our access ramps are very easy to install in all seasons.

All of our products and installation services adhere to the Normes de conception sans obstacles of the Régie du Bâtiment du Québec Building Code.

We are extremely proud to offer products that are maintenance-free and are available throughout the province of Quebec and the rest of Canada.

Residential access ramp - Go Rampe

Solutions tailored to your needs

The comfort and safety of our clients are dear to our heart and that is why we offer solutions that are adapted to your needs and situation, as well as to the layout of your home and place of business. We can also direct you towards official sources of information you may need if you want to obtain subsidies or other financial aid toward the installation of an access ramp. If you wish it, we can directly consult your occupational therapist, to make the best choice of product for you based on your situation.

Call us! We will happily take the time to talk with you to better understand your needs so that we may determine together what product will best suit you.