It can be a challenge to organize a family vacation, even when no member of the family has special needs or limitations; so, imagine how complicated it can be when a member of the group has issues of limited mobility. That said, complicated does not mean impossible! By being well-prepared you can prevent unpleasant surprises and plan an absolutely memorable vacation.

Activities for all Tastes

If it’s your first experience planning such a vacation, you may think that the list of possible activities is confined to museum visits; but that would be incorrect. A whole host of establishments have modified their services and premises to make them accessible to everyone.

For example, many national parks have widened their nature trails to accommodate wheelchairs. Every summer, numerous beaches provide sand mats, free of charge. They have also installed foot bridges and provide all-terrain wheelchairs, which are specially designed for use in sand and water.

They can even be fitted with skis for those looking for the thrill of outdoor winter sports. For more information on all-terrain wheelchairs, foot bridges and other adapted accessories, visit the Quebec for all.

The most important thing is to inform yourself before an outing or activity. That way, you’ll have a better idea of what to expect once you arrive at your destination in terms of, among other things, bathroom accessibility and available equipment.

Mobilité réduite ou handicap des vacances accessibles sans se priver, oui c’est possible !

Informing Yourself before Leaving

You’re planning a getaway of several days or weeks? If you’re flying, be aware that Montreal’s airport has made it its mission to adapt its premises and installations to the needs of people of reduced mobility. Therefore, you can rest at ease in this regard, even before leaving home.

Next, you should confirm the special services that will be available to you once you have reached your destination. For example, will you easily be able to procure a vehicle that is adapted for wheelchairs? 

Depending the outings and activities you’ve planned, is it better to rent an adapted vehicle or to use public transportation?

And don’t forget the hotel! It would be a shame to plan a wonderful vacation and not have a place to lay your head. Most hotels are equipped with access ramps, but it’s still worth calling ahead of time to make sure that your hotel and room will accommodate your needs. 

Do you still fear that planning this vacation is too complicated? Rest at ease because there are travel agencies who specialize in helping people such as yourself to cover all the bases. They will ensure that you have all the necessary information in hand so that you can have a wonderful vacation.

The Kéroul website is a goldmine of very useful information about planning an accessible vacation, not only in the province of Quebec and throughout Canada, but also abroad. Don’t forget to consult it. You are now ready to plan your vacation. All that’s left to do is to pack your suitcase…and don’t forget the camera! 

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