CAPVISH is a non-profit organization that fights for the recognition of rights for disabled people.

The mission of this organization, which has existed since 1979, is to further the cause of disabled people and to promote their social integration in the greater Quebec City area.

Capvish - Comité d'action des personnes vivant des situations de handicap

CAPVISH strives to sensitize the body of decision makers and the general population to the needs of disabled people, and to inspire the creation of adapted resources and means of accessibility for them.

Respect, Equality and Integrity

The values of respect, equality, responsibility, integrity, and solidarity are at the heart of all actions taken by CAPVISH. Moreover, CAPVISH works in close collaboration with numerous stakeholders in the field, such as the City of Quebec, the Old Port of Quebec, the Integrated University Health and Social Services Center (CIUSSS) of the National Capital and the Transportation Network of the Capital (RTC).

The Accessibility to Merchants Guide

CAPVISH publishes the Accessibility to Merchants Guide.
This guide proposes innovative solutions to the problems inhibiting access to retailers with the aim of improving customer service and promoting an inclusive shopping experience for the disabled.

The Toolbox

CAPVISH also publishes The Toolbox:
This publication provides pertinent and user-friendly information, as well as a source of assistance to people interested in asserting their rights or making claims for accessibility. It approaches these themes from many angles.   

Reference Bank for Home Help (BRAD)

CAPVISH also helps with support in the home through BRAD, its reference bank for home help. This free service is available to residents of the north shore of Quebec City who have restrictive physical limitations.

Since 2001, BRAD has matched physically disabled people who desire home care with home care workers from its reference bank.

Radio Program Les Capés

On the radio program Les Capés, broadcast by CKIA Radio Urbaine 88,3 FM, CAPVISH presents and discusses current issues related to accessibility on a weekly basis.

Contact Information

400 Jean-Lesage Boulevard, suite 027,
Québec (Qc) G1K 8W1

Website :
Email :

Contact Person: Jessica Grimard 
Telephone: 418 523-3065

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