People of reduced mobility encounter not only physical obstacles to accessibility. They must also deal with the maze of red-tape that makes access to government subsidies complicated and laborious; or, they may even have to contend with a condo board that deems an access ramp as not meeting its aesthetic criteria. In short, it isn’t always easy to negotiate the administrative hurdles to obtaining and installing an access ramp for a private or commercial property. As a result, some people may not know where to turn.

Marc Lacasse, a man of heart

It is not uncommon for Mr. Marc Lacasse to have to fight tooth and nail to break down the barriers that block certain people from easy access to their place of business or to their own homes. In fact, he does everything he can to find a solution to their problems.

Marc Lacasse is a man of great generosity, for whom helping others is second-nature, and all who know him have the greatest respect for him. He never leaves a problem unsolved and will fight like the devil, for example, to find a way to have a ramp installed for anyone in need whom he might run across. It’s no surprise then that he founded Go Rampe in 2013 and which he owns to this day.

Marc Lacasse président fondateur de Go Rampe
Marc Lacasse – Go Rampe President and Founder

An unrivaled team

 As a man of great altruism and generosity, it was very important for Mr. Lacasse to surround himself with colleagues who share his values.
As a result, people are the priority for every member of the Go rampe team; and let’s be clear, we don’t see that every day in business.

It is values like benevolence, mutual assistance, and sharing that characterize this unique team and make of Go Rampe a company that is unrivaled. Hats-off to Marc, Sophie, Gaetan, and Mathieu!
Bravo and thanks to each of you for making a difference and for bringing a bit of ease and comfort to a world that is so in need of it. 

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