People who become afflicted with a disability that reduces their mobility may wonder what resources and assistance are available to them.

We, at Go rampe, are often approached with questions of this nature. We are among the first facilitators that such people consult in order to deal with their new reality since modifying their home to allow easy mobility and navigation is, in fact, one of the first needs to which they must attend.

We are generally able to orient them in their search, given our familiarity in the area of accessibility. As a matter of fact, our work inevitably leads to our developing contacts with a variety of stakeholders, resources, and organizations from this field.

It is therefore from the perspective of information-sharing that we would like our blog to be at the service of people of reduced mobility, their families, and any concerned party involved in their daily life.

You can also help us!

Should you have any suggestions for topics related to accessibility that you feel would be interesting to share, or if you would be interested in getting involved as an invited blogger, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

The integration of people of reduced mobility requires, without a doubt, a collaborative team effort. Here at Go rampe, we are proud to contribute to this collective effort by way of our products and services, but also through our social involvement.

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