An aluminum ramp is without a doubt the answer to all of your questions

You need to install a new access ramp for a person who is disabled or of limited mobility and you’re not sure what material to choose. Do you want an access ramp that is safe and durable; but also want to save time and money? Are you wondering what the wisest choice would be?


Aluminum is a very economical material. A galvanized steel ramp costs 15% more than its aluminum counterpart; and If concrete anchors are required, it brings the cost to 25% more.

You might consider a wooden ramp, which initially costs less. However, if you consider long term viability, wood has a much shorter lifespan. It tends to rot and need replacement every ten years or so. Aluminum, on the contrary, is particularly resistant and durable. It’s much more affordable in the long run.

Easy Maintenance

A platform with open aluminum mesh flooring requires no special maintenance, which is something your wallet will thank you for!

In case of rain, it drains itself thanks to its open mesh design. There’s no need to worry about any snow that might accumulate either. All you need is a plastic shovel, a broom, and minimal effort. In addition, the open mesh provides an anti-slip surface for the users of the ramp, no matter the temperature. In short, this type of flooring is the safest on the market.

Adapted to the Canadian Climate

As mentioned above, aluminum is very resistant. Temperature extremes do not affect its durability in the slightest, which makes it the perfect material for a northern climate. An aluminum ramp will remain safe for use despite snow, ice, rain, and cold or hot temperatures. Since aluminum is rust-proof, your ramp will continue to look brand new and retain its high quality for a long time to come. You don’t have to worry about it corroding or deteriorating.

An aluminum access ramp for a person who is disabled or of limited mobility is definitely the wisest choice for safety and affordability.

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