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Vertical lift adjunct platforms

Vertical lift adjunct platform

Our vertical lift adjunct platform is a must-have to provide easy transfer to and from a vertical lift.

Beneficial features of our vertical lift adjunct platforms

  • 15-year guarantee
    (see our warranty policy);
  • Designed and built to be robust;
  • All-season, anti-slip, open mesh floor;
  • Our platforms are large enough to provide ample space for a wheelchair to maneuver and change direction;
  • Wide enough to accommodate a scooter;
  • Safety rail runs the length of the ramp;
  • Adheres to building code as per the Régie du bâtiment du Québec.
  • Rapid and easy installation with no permanent fixtures required;
  • Can be installed year-round;
  • No maintenance required and built to last;
  • No cleanup required after removal.