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Floating beach wheelchair WaterWheels®

The disabled community can now enjoy the beach, ocean, lake, waterpark & poolside with the reliability & comfort of the floating beach wheelchair, available in Quebec.

With the floatable armrests and tires on the wheelchair, WaterWheels® easily transports you from the beach to the water! Enjoy the ocean or pool while relaxing in your floating beach wheelchair !
WaterWheels® is designed with our customers in mind.

This wheelchair provides users with long lasting comfort so they can relax, recline and enjoy the outdoors!
Contact our team, to have more information about the floating beach wheelchair as well as our lakefront or beach design options with the wheelchair beach access mat – AccessMat®.  

Floating beach wheelchair

Enjoy lakes and beaches with the reliability and comfort of the WaterWheels® floating wheelchair.

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The floating beach wheelchair is a three-wheeled buggy that is designed such that the user remains in a reclined position in an ergonomic chair.
The Waterwheels® seat has 3 positions, one to transition the user to the chair and two to recline the chair. These are adjusted by pulling a chain on the back for use and floating.
This wider backrest, which is made from UV and water resistant fabric, is designed to provide superior comfort while sun bathing and floating.

This floating beach wheelchair is composed of 6 different parts: the frame, 2 armrests and 3 big wheels, and is easily assembled and disassembled in a matter of minutes without any tools! The wheelchair folds to allow you to conveniently transport in any vehicle or store until your next use!

Safety first!
WaterWheels® user must be buckled up in the chair and escorted by an able-bodied adult at all times, whether or not in the water. Users should wear a life jacket while in the water. This floating wheelchair should never be used without proper supervision. The yellow floating armrests are easily visible to the lifeguards giving piece of mind to users.
Weighing only 59,5lbs, WaterWheels® accommodates all users from children to elderly people with a maximum capacity of 300lbs.

Before the use of the floating wheelchair, please confer with your local lifeguard that weather and water conditions are appropriate for it use. Always use the WaterWheels® with the close assistance and supervision of an able-bodied user.

Features of Floating Beach Wheelchair

  • Very good floatability
  • 3 seating positions
  • Easy storage
  • Safety belt
  • Backrest is made from UV and water resistant fabric
  • Assembled and disassembled without any tools
  • Height : 47”
  • Length : 65”
  • Width : 42”
  • Weight : 59,5lbs
  • Maximum weight capacity : 300lbs
  • Minimum weight capacity : 55lbs