Floating beach wheelchair - WaterWheels - Go Rampe

Floating beach wheelchair WaterWheels®

Enjoy lakes and beaches with the floating beach wheelchair.

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Wheelchair Beach Access Mat - Go Rampe

Wheelchair Beach Access Mat – AccessMat®

Discover Wheelchair Beach Access Mat non woven polyester roll out mat offered by Go Rampe.

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Plateforme élévatrice pour fauteuil roulant

Wheelchair Lifting Platform

The Nano Go Rampe lifting platform is the ideal solution when you have limited space, indoors or outdoors.

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Stairlifts for People with Reduced Mobility

Regain your independence at home with our stairlifts for people with disabilities or reduced mobility.

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Modular access ramps for wheelchairs, adaptable to any configuration.

Residential Access Ramps

Enter and exit your home easily with our modular wheelchair access ramps!

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Access ramp for commercial use - Go Rampe

Commercial Access Ramps for Disabled People

Find the perfect solution with our commercial modular access ramps for people with reduced mobility.

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Door threshold ramps

Door threshold ramps and incline planes

Our door threshold ramps and incline planes allow you to easily cross any type of doorsill.

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Portable access ramp to facilitate access for wheelchairs

Portable access ramps

Easily access the places you love to visit with our portable ramps. Robust, versatile, and ultra-lightweight, our removable access ramps will allow you to regain greater freedom.

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Platform for easy access to your balcony or terrace with your wheelchair.

Aluminum balcony platforms

Move easily by wheelchair to and from your balcony or patio with our raised aluminum balcony platform.

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