KÉROUL – Tourism and Culture for People of Restricted Physical Abilities

Kéroul is a non-profit organization whose aim is to make tourism and culture accessible to people of restricted physical abilities. The areas of Kéroul’s involvement include the following: Providing a representative link to private and public administrative bodies; dialoguing…

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Capvish - Comité d'action des personnes vivant des situations de handicap

CAPVISH: Action committee for people living with disabilities

CAPVISH is a non-profit organization that fights for the recognition of rights for disabled people. The mission of this organization, which has existed since 1979, is to further the cause of disabled people and to promote their social integration…

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Go rampe, proud partner of Adaptavie.

ADAPTAVIE – Health and well-being for people living with limitations

Adaptavie Inc. is a charitable organization that provides a list of physical and adaptive sports activities and day camps that give respite to people with physical or mental disabilities. Over 1,000 people participate in Adaptavie‘s activities yearly. The following is…

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