Here in Quebec, summer is short and we all want to enjoy it to the max! 
Sipping a refreshing glass of rosé or sangria under the cool shade of a parasol, perfecting our master BBQ chef techniques, tanning our winter-weary skin under the warm rays of the sun, or simply partaking of the joys of gardening…what better way to enjoy all that summer has to offer?

Being in a wheelchair should not prevent anyone from the great outdoors!

But what if the floor of your balcony or patio is not level with the indoor floor or doorsill and constitutes an obstacle to your wheelchair? No problem! Go Rampe most certainly has the perfect solution you need so that you may easily enter and exit your home and enjoy all the pleasures of summer. Did you know that it is possible to install a platform on your balcony that can be adjusted to the height of the doorsill or indoor floor, as may be required? A door threshold ramp (also called a doorsill ramp) can also allow a wheelchair to move freely and easily to and from a patio.

Door Threshold Ramp

Go Rampe can recommend the exact accessory for your needs and provide you with the autonomy and freedom to enjoy the summer warmth in your own home setting. Imagine…no more obstacle course between you and the kitchen and the guarantee that your guests always have an ice-cold beer, direct from the fridge.

But that’s not all! Go Rampe can even steer you towards grants or subsidies that may be available to you and that can help you to finance easy-access modifications to your home without going broke with residential access ramp.

Perhaps you rent your home, as opposed to owning, and are limited in the renovations you can do. Not a problem! Go Rampe’s balcony platform simply rests on the existing floor of the balcony and requires no permanent fixture. It is very easy to install and causes no damage to the surface on which it is placed.

If you relocate, simply remove the platform and re-install it on your new balcony or patio (provided that the dimensions are the same of course). And just like that, you can continue to enjoy the same ease of access, in complete safety, as you did in your previous home. Go Rampe’s Door Threshold Ramp does not require any permanent fixture either, making it as easy to remove and re-install as our ramps. All that is left for you to do is to determine which accessory best suits the configuration of your home and the type of wheelchair you have.   

Are you sold? If so, give us a call and start shopping for sunscreen because summer is short and you have to enjoy it from the very start. 

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