It can be difficult to find outings and activities that are accessible for a person of reduced mobility; however, difficult does not mean impossible. Kéroul is a non-profit organization which, among other things, provides a list of various types of activities for all tastes and budgets and, most importantly, activities that are accessible for people in wheelchairs or of reduced mobility. Several examples are provided in this article.

Indoor Activities for People of Reduced Mobility

Movie theaters, museums, bowling alleys…these, and many other types of entertainment establishments, have adapted their premises so that people of reduced mobility may benefit from them.

Athletic complexes have also made it possible for the disabled to train or simply have fun in complete safety, regardless of their situation and limitations. For example, many municipal swimming pools throughout the province of Quebec, and the rest of Canada, offer swimming lessons adapted to all types of disabilities. Are you a thrill seeker? Horizon Rock Climbing Center have tailored their facilities to allow you to reach your heights.

Outdoor Activities for the Disabled

Are you an animal lover? If so, have you ever considered horseback riding? On your own or as part of a group, this is guaranteed to be a special and memorable experience. This particular activity does, however, entail some prerequisites. Notably, the individual must be able to maintain a stable sitting position. For more information on horseback riding adapted for the disabled, please consult the brochure on the Kéroul website.

Did you know that even if you are a person of limited mobility you can still enjoy the wonderful nature trails throughout the province and in the rest of Canada? More and more outdoor centers are modifying their trails so that everyone can use them. In addition, the Quebec company, Trackz Mobility, is approaching many of these centers to negotiate an all-terrain wheelchair rental service. These aluminum chairs are very light and easy to control. Rental of such a chair is a much less costly option than buying one, making this a very affordable way to enjoy the great outdoors.

These are just a few of the activities available to persons of limited mobility.

Kéroul invites you to consult their list of the Quebec organizations that provide activities adapted to the needs of the disabled.    

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