Your life has just changed and you must now deal with the new realities that come with limited mobility. Adapting your home to your new needs is not an option; it’s a must. Fortunately, the Quebec governmental Home Adaptation Program PAD program is there to ease the financial burden of this costly undertaking.

Do I qualify?

PAD program is a governmental program set up by the Société d’habitation du Québec. In order to benefit from it, you must meet the two following criteria: -Provide documented proof that your disability is significant and persistent; -Not be covered by a public or private insurance program. *Depending on the option chosen, other conditions may apply.

What Kind of Renovations Are Admissible?

Most renovations that are necessary for you to carry out your daily activities are admissible to this program. Any new installation must be permanent, safe, and of limited cost and complexity.

Depending on the nature of your disability or lack of mobility, the cost of work done to the entrance/exit and surrounding areas of your residence, to the area needed for adequate circulation inside your residence, and to facilitate the use of rooms like the washroom, kitchen or bedroom is subsidized under the program.

The purchase of specialized equipment, such as an access ramp, an elevated platform, or automatic door openers are also admissible.

Note: The admissibility of renovations varies according to the chosen subsidy option.

Rampes d'accès résidentielle pour personne à mobilité réduite à Sherbrooke
Residential Access Ramp – PAD program Project – Sherbrooke

What Are my Options?

The Home Adaptation Program is divided in three subsidy options: professional support, self-determined needs and renovations, and retroactive financing.

Depending on the chosen option, financial aid could cover anywhere from $4,000 to $33,000. A more detailed description of each of these options is available on the Société d’habitation du Québec website. 

If you rent, your landlord can have access to the existing provincial tax deduction for any work done towards adapting your unit to accommodate your disability, such as adding an access ramp for example. In such a case, it is important that landlords fill out the Eligilbility Certificate for Renovation or Alteration Expenses form in order to benefit from this exemption.

Regardless of the nature of your disability or the extent of the limits to your mobility, there is financial help available for the modification of your home to your situation.

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